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Why is it called "Dinkum Oil"?

Naming a new publication in the historic vehicle movement isn’t easy as almost all our Clubs have an established newsletter or magazine of their own, and all those usually have a catchy title that befits the hobby and/or the club. The “Good Oil” was originally selected but it was pointed out that this was the long-standing title of the journal of one of our Clubs. To avoid any confusion Council has re-named its new bulletin "Dinkum Oil" which is a name with a  good historical pedigree and blends our Bush background with our automotive interests.

The historical link - The original "Dinkum Oil" newsletter was a WW1 Australian trench publication of eight issues pointing out the absurdity of life at Gallipoli and written by Australian war correspondent Charles Bean and Sergeant Frank Noonan in 1915. Major Thomas Blamey had requested the production of a newsletter that would dispel rumours and spy-mania so the title "Dinkum Oil" was particularly appropriate as it was a slang term in WW1 meaning 'true news'. 

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