In NSW the conditional registration of modified vehicles 30 years and older is referred to as the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS). The CVS was developed in consultation with stakeholders from the car movement including the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs.

  • The CHMC IS AN RMS Approved Organisation for the processing of CVS registrations applications from members of its affilIated clubs. CHMC remains committed to the preservation of "Day One" and authentic vehicles and the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and participates in CVS for the benefit of affiliated clubs' members with vehicles that do not fit within the guidelines for HVS registration.  
  • A summary of the CVS and comparison with the Historic Vehicle Scheme is given on our Vehicle Registration page.
  • Management of the CVS requires that applications for CVS registration or renewal must agreed to by an RMS Approved Organisation before processing by a Service NSW office. The Approved Organisation is the only contact for all CVS matters. Clubs or members enquiring direct to the RMS on CVS matters will be redirected to their Approved Organisation, in this case the CHMC.
  • ALL CHMC clubs have a CVS package (also see downloadable files below) for the information of their committees, Registrars and members. The package covers the  process for registration applications through the CHMC as the club's relevant Approved Organisation, in accordance with the RMS requirements.
  • Not all CHMC clubs wish to or need to participate in the CVS - it is their choice.
  • Clubs must be current financial affiliated members of CHMC for CVS applications to be processed and members applying for CVS must be current financial members of a CHMC affiliated club.
  • Enquiries regarding CVS through the CHMC can be directed to the CHMC RMS Liaison Officer or the Assistant Secretary

The Classic Vehicle Scheme should no be confused with the Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial which can be used for vehicles registered under either the Historic Vehicle Scheme or the Classic Vehicle Schemes.


NOTE 1: At the 2017 CHMC AGM member clubs of the Council approved an amendment to Council's Constitution which defines a Classic Vehicle as - "Classic Vehicle means a Heritage Vehicle which has been modified from its authentic or original condition, but which does not require an engineer's certification, other than for reasonable or safety modifications, to make it eligible for registration for public road use". In general terms this means that Council will not recommend heavily modified vehicles, replicas or Individually Constructed Vehicles for inclusion in the CVS. It will limit its approval to vehicles which are modified, and which may require VSCCS Certification but which maintain the general appearance and performance of original and authentic vehicles of the same model run. This amendment is reflected in the latest version of the CVS registration application documents below.
NOTE 2: CHMC does not charge fees for processing CVS registration applications from members of its affiliated clubs.
CVS Guidelines for Clubs V2.0 June 2017.pdf CVS Guidelines for Clubs V2.0 June 2017.pdf
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CVS Registration applications must also include completed RMS Forms 1246 Application for Conditional Registration and 1835 Classic Vehicle Declaration downloadable from the RMS website.