Historic & Classic Vehicle Schemes LOG BOOKS

The RMS website has detailed information for clubs and vehicle operators regarding the Historic & Classic Vehicle Log Book. If you are intending to register a vehicle under this scheme you should read this RMS information first - HISTORIC AND CLASSIC VEHICLE LOG BOOKS

Log Book status as at October 2020 - the RMS has, despite the Covid situation, been working on revisions and improvements suggested by stakeholders including the CHMC in the 2019 Log Book Review. A draft version has been circulated to the peak bodies for comments and an announcement from RMS on the new format is anticipated.

CHMC welcomed the decision by the Government and Transport for NSW to confirm Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Books as a permanent aspect of the HVS and CVS from October 1 2019 rather than a Trial.  In mid-2019 the RMS undertook a review of the Log Book Trial which was due to end in September 2019. CHMC Affiliated Clubs and their members provided the RMS with input and viewpoints on the Log Book system and the CHMC Committee provided the RMS and the Review contractor, KPMG, with data and relevant guidance. 

It was clear from the Focus Groups and CHMC’s own polling of its clubs that there was strong support for the Log Books to be made permanent. There were however a number of critical operational and policy issues that respondents raised and these have been taken on board by RMS and Council has been by advised RMS that these will be addressed over the next 12 months, developing both integrity of and compliance to the Log Books, as well as improving customer experience. CHMC Clubs will be advised of any changes and developments made by the RMS as soon as the RMS authorises the release of information.

In October 2015 a 2-year trial of a new option for conditional registered historic vehicles in NSW commenced. Operators of historic vehicles are able to opt-in via their RMS approved club to the scheme which provides for a period of 60 days general use (with conditions) each year, outside of club organised events. The Trial was extended in 2017 for another 2 years.

The Log Book system did not replace the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS), rather it provided an option with the HVS for club members to extend the use of their historicvehicles should they so wish. Vehicles registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) for modified cars can also be operated under the Log Book system.

For further details on the Log Book Trial contact your local heritage vehicle club. Council's RMS Liaison Officer can also offer assistance if required. Or contact your local Service NSW office


regarding the LOG BOOK TRIAL - 24 Oct 2015

The Minister for Transport, Hon. Duncan Gay, was represented by Mr Peter Wells, RMS Director of Safety and Compliance at the CHMC's General Meeting at Orange on October 24 2015.  Peter provided club delegates with a thorough overview of and insights into the Log Book Trial from the RMS perspective, and answered many inquiries from the floor.

He also took on notice a number of queries and procedural matters regarding the Trial. Council anticipates these will be suitably responded to by RMS.

Prior to the meeting the CHMC had gathered a significant number of questions from its affiliatedclubs, these were responded to by Peter's office shortly before the meeting and are available here for downloading: