DRIVE Lite March 2024 

- Carry your compliance certificate with you! 
- Criminal safety inspections

DRIVE Lite December 2023 

- Key achievements for 2023 working with many people from the Historic and Classic Registration sector.
- ‘Safety never takes a holiday’ communications toolkit now available.
- Stop it or cop it

DRIVE Lite November 2023 

- Using your vehicle for functions
- Can I travel interstate with my historic vehicle?
- What are the rules for club name bars?

DRIVE Lite September 2023 

- Shannon's Classic
- Attending HVS and CVS events
- Can a club have more than one ‘Responsible Person’?
- Do I need a Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle?
- Routine vehicle inspections conducted with NSW Police.

DRIVE Lite August 2023 

-Signing a Historical Vehicle Declaration 1259 Form
- Keep your Club’s details updated with our Accreditation Team
- Can a vehicle on Historic or Classic registration be transferred to another person?
- Manual Pink Slips required for Historic or Classic registrations
- Macarthur region compliance

DRIVE Lite June 2023 

Answers questions for HVS & CVS scheme participants about:
- Digital pink slips
- Original 1259 Forms
- How TFNSW is helping to protect vehicle owners against odometer tampering
-Plus information about a new demerit point trial

DRIVE Lite July 2023 

The first issue, June 2023, features:
- Registration Workshop with TFNSW staff hosted by Ballina Classic Vehicle Club
- The 2023 Pre-31 Autumn Tour, an initiative of CHMC clubs in Central West NSW.