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CHMC NSW, for the second time this year, has directly supported the Disaster Relief and Recovery efforts of the Country Women’s Association NSW with another $1000 donation to help flood-affected communities with what they need now and for their reconstruction. Being local, CWA branches in affected NSW areas are well placed to identify where help is most required and ascertain what forms of assistance are most useful for their communities. CHMC’S latest donation is its third to the CWA Disaster Relief Fund in the last 18 months, but the frequency and scale of recent disasters to towns and farms in NSW, many of them home to CHMC Affiliated clubs and their members justifies Council’s support. With flooding at record levels so many have and are being impacted personally, socially and economically. Recovery will be long and challenging for individuals, businesses and communities, they need our support.
The CWA NSW Fund assists recovery efforts at a local level. This year the CWA has aided NSW flood victims with vital household items, food hampers and outreach workers providing support to families.
Watch the video

Totally inundated in the 2022 Lismore floods this 1906 Ford Model K comes back to life. 


A fully booked-out event with Club representatives coming from CHMC clubs in the Illawarra, Northern Rivers, Central Coast, Hunter, New England, Central West and Sydney. Council was delighted to have Matt Cafe, TFNSW Manager Partnerships, and Steve Richards, NSW Police, discuss conditional registration matters and developments, and answer delegates questions, along with Council's own Liaison Officer to TFNSW, Peter Wright. Lots of valuable and accurate information was shared, and some of the furphies, that unfortunately circulate in the wider hobby, were crushed. The CHMC (Bush Council) enjoys a cordial and long standing relationship with TfNSW and NSW Police and we were pleased that the representatives from TfNSW and the NSW Police were our very well received guests at the Forum. Informative and accurate notes from the Forum were circulated to all CHMC Clubs' Secretaries for distribution to their members, and are shared here for the historic and classic vehicle community.



This newsletter from TfNSW includes an important warning on purchasing flood damaged vehicles and much more of interest to vehicle owners and operators, including Historic and Classic vehicles. 


Council has made some minor changes to its CVS registration application and renewal procedures, in accordance with advice from TfNSW.The latest documents can be found on our Classic Vehicle Scheme Registration page


February- March 2022. Members of CHMC clubs had homes, businesses and heritage collections impacted by the 2022 floods and severe rain events.At the recent CHMC AGM our clubs were asked to consider adding to the CHMC'c $1000 donation to the Country Women's Association NSW Disaster Relief Fund to assist the CWA in directly supporting  people and communities affected by the March floods. Many clubs have indicated they are also supporting the CWA or similar groups in their aid to flood affected communitie, for example, NDVCCC, the 2022 Rally Hosts, collected donations at the Rally for their local SES. Feedback to Council indicates that many other CHMC clubs have arranged donations or are collecting at displays and other events. See CHMC Letter to Clubs Re: 2022 Floods 


At a time when climate change and the need for clean air are of huge global concern, FIVA agreed on a powerful new strategy at its Annual General Assembly, 20 Nov. 2021, in Munich, Germany.“FIVA’s strategy shows support for the commitments arising from the Glasgow Climate Summit, but also aims to protect the vital cultural importance of the historic vehicle movement,” said FIVA president Tiddo Bresters. “These two aims are in no way contradictory.”FIVA fully supports the national and international focus on sustainability, involving a shift to ‘cleaner’ vehicles. But it also asks that:

  • We remember the importance of our  heritage – both the historic vehicles themselves and the global network of enthusiasts’ clubs and social groups that pass our mobile heritage on to future generations;
  • We educate younger people about the eco-friendly nature of historic vehicles, not least because of the sustainable use of materials and resources;
  • We lobby – at a local, national and international level – to ensure historic vehicles can keep moving on public roads;
  • Organisations that champion cultural heritage work together to promote the value of the living preservation of historic vehicles;
  • We communicate our aims and explain their importance – and how this can help us to contribute to a sustainable future

FIVA, the world federation for Historic Vehicles, has shared the results of its 2020/2021 international socio-economic Survey of almost 55,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW supported the collection of data concerning Australia earlier this year, and thanks its affiliated clubs and their members for their participation in the Survey.

The results provide vital facts and figures to help us argue for the protection of the future of our automotive heritage at a time of rapid change. The data can be put to good use when talking with politicians and sponsors. The Survey:
• revealed the movement’s huge financial contribution to local and national economies,
• confirmed the generally low annual mileage of historic cars and motorcycles, and
• the significant contribution of clubs to the historic vehicle movement and society at large.

The Survey also revealed the challenges ahead that clubs in Australia nominated as most concerning 

The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW acknowledges with gratitude the cooperation of FIVA and TAVCCA (The Association of Veteran Car Clubs of Australia) in sharing their Survey results with our members

CHMC has prepared a summary for club magazine editors, and a slide presentation for clubs' discussions,  from Australian survey responses, these have been sent out to all CHMC Affiliated Clubs, and used by the relevant Councils and Clubs in other States. The Summary is also downloadable here: 


Photos from the Rally on our Gallery page and click on the Rally badge below to see the video on the CHMC's Facebook

CHMC's Annual Rally for 2021 brought together over 100 historic vehicles from 24 affiliated clubs from across NSW. Oldest, a 1913 Little roadster, youngest, a 1988 Mitsubishi Magna, and lots from each decade in between.A wonderful weekend of rallying and meeting up with old friends and talking historic cars with new ones. Excellently hosted by the Temora Antique Motor Club. Congratulations to the Mal Mason Shield winners -  Bellbird Workers Automobile Restorers Club

Message from the FIVA President
The FIVA General Committee, at our first physical General Committee meeting for a year, in Turin in mid-July 2021 discussed extensively that our leitmotiv is to uphold not only the culture of mobility, but also the social life that has characterised the automobile and motorcycle since their earliest days. Around no other industrial product is there such an active club life.
We can’t ignore the fact that we – FIVA and its members – must put even more effort into lobbying. The transition from fossil to alternative fuels is irreversible: as FIVA we accept this, and indeed support the drive for cleaner air. But what we are working on is a unified positioning to gain global recognition for our sector and its great cultural, social and economic significance.
Without young people there is no future, which is why ‘youth’ will continue to be a spearhead of our policy. Most importantly, we are not just talking about young people, but embracing their values to help rejuvenate the image of the historic vehicle world.
It’s evident that good communication has a key role. We’ve expanded our efforts in this regard considerably over the past year, including a record number of press releases to raise media awareness, and the hugely successful symposium in Bucharest in late July, titled ‘Restoration: Art or Science?’, illustrates another key part of our strategy. Protecting, preserving and promoting mobile heritage is what we all do, internationally and nationally, day in, day out.  FIVA

SEPTEMBER 17 2021: RENEWING HVS AND CVS REGISTRATIONS DURING COVID RESTRICTIONS Council officers provided Affiliated clubs with up-to-date information on this matter from June onwards. ON 17 September TfNSW approved for release further information that was sent to all CHMC clubs and uploaded to council's website and Facebook pages. This file is that 17th September information.

JUNE 2021: BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL SURVEY EVER OF HISTORIC MOTORING ENTHUSIASTS Enthusiasts from 74 countries including over 2,440 from Australia participated in FIVA's latest Survey of the hobby and related businesses. 55,000 surveys were returned, covering 128,000 vehicles, 1735 clubs and 781 businesses. Survey confirmed the huge financial contribution historic vehicle enthusiasts make to local and national economies - estimated globally at A$15 billionIt also confirms historic cars and motorcycles typically travel relatively low mileages each year and are taken out on average 16 times/year.

Lars Genild, Chairman of the FIVA Legislation Committee commented: “It’s also critical to note that – at a time of changing attitudes towards the use of motor vehicles – historic vehicles, on average, travel extremely low distances and are primarily used for leisure purposes only......Meanwhile, our survey highlights the far-reaching value of historic vehicle clubs not only to individual enthusiasts but also, through events and activities, to society as a whole, preserving automotive heritage as a rolling museum for generations to come.”


APRIL 2021: Historic cars, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are the best time machines one can imagine. They show the design and technique of their era, and when on the move the back-in-time experience is complete.
Their preservation is sustainability in the truest sense. They survived, while nearly all peers ended long ago as waste. Treating a product with care, even when it is a popular mass produced car or motorbike, is environment friendly, because it helps to reduce the over-exploitation of our Earth.
FIVA represents what was produced at least 30 years ago, and so demonstrates the developments in automotive technology. Like the first hybrid and electric cars, which were state of the art in the beginning of the 20th century. But the combustion engine took over, and since then powered virtually all movement of people and goods anywhere on Earth. Veterans deserve respect, and so it is for the veterans of the road, and the millions of people all over the Globe that keep them running. Historic vehicles aren’t owned for common transport tasks, but in the interest of passing on history on wheels from generation to generation. Therefore they need to be protected. FIVA 21/4/21

Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) was founded in 1966 in response to an idea formulated by a handful of organisations representing the interests of historic vehicle enthusiasts within a number of different countries.


May 2021:Just as Council did in 2019 to assist with bushfire relief efforts, the CHMC has again donated funds to help the CWA in its work helping flood disaster affected communities in NSW. Club Delegates at the AGM in Temora in April 2021 unanimously voted to send $1000 to the Country Women's Association Disaster Relief Fund.

Whether it be floods or fire, or other community needs, when their communities and those nearby need help CHMC clubs across NSW step in to assist in various ways. As well as donating directly via Council, our Clubs are very often involved in raising money or goods and services for local projects and needs, please support our Clubs when they are fundraising to assist those who can benefit directly from our help. 

CHMC has prepared an information sheets for those whose historic vehicles or antique machinery have been impacted by fire or flood. 
These are provided copyright-free by CHMC to facilitate copying and distribution to those who most need this information.  
See our Publications page


There's not been a national survey of the hobby in Australia for some years, but the Brits are good at doing such regularly through their Peak Body, the FBHVC, and here's some of their result sfrom the 2019 National Cost of Ownership Survey
• The number of historic vehicles on DVLA database has increased to 1,241,863.
• 9.8m people in the UK are interested in historic vehicles.
• Average distance covered by an historic vehicle is 2,214 miles per annum.
• 21m people see historic vehicles as an important element of the UKs heritage.
• 11.3m people think historic vehicles should be exempt from restrictions of low and ultra-low emissions imposed on other vehicles.
• 5.1m people are interested in owning an historic vehicle.
• 60% of owners say owning an historic vehicle is one of the most important things in their life.
• An owner spends an average of £1,489 per historic vehicle per annum.

Adjusted for population etc. could the result be much the same here?  The FBHVC certainly now have some valuable and informed insights into the attitudes and interest in transport heritage and the evolving pressures on enthusiasts that they can take up with government.

In Australia we do not have current information on the contribution that the historic motoring makes to the Australian economy – vital information when dealing with Government on the implications of current and potential legislation.
FIVA, the organisation that represents the historic car movement worldwide, ran a survey late last year for individual historic vehicle owners around the world. This survey covered 70+ countries and based on the 2019 calendar year and to avoid the disruption of Covid.
From the survey we will get global view of the contribution that historic vehicles make to economies AND the opportunity to get details of the contribution specifically to Australia, and survey responses from Australia were very good.

The information from this survey has the potential to benefit the historic vehicle movement whole and shape the future focus of those acting on behalf of our organisations and historic vehicle enthusiasts to negotiate with governments.
The survey can be completed online by logging onto: and then clicking onto the Union Jack flag for the English Survey, then in a drop down box nominate your country as Australia.
FIVA through TAVCCA.

July 10 2020 - Postponement Notice CHMC 2020 AGM & Cancellation of 50th Anniversary Weekend

CHMC 2020 AGM has been postponed to Friday April 9th 2021 in Temora
• CHMC 50th Anniversary event 24-25th October has regrettably been cancelled
• CHMC will be running online workshops to update club officials and members on specific topics that would have been covered at the 2020 AGM
• CHMC’s Committee continues to actively address all issues or concerns raised by or affecting clubs and members, especially with RMS/TfNSW, and maintains its regular contact with Affiliated Clubs on these matters.

Council’s Committee has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 AGM and cancel the Anniversary Weekend event. This was taken after careful consideration, and in consultation with the venue which advised that social distancing precautions currently restrict numbers in their conference and dining facilities to well below Council’s expected attendance, and will remain so for quite a long time. Council has attempted to find a suitable alternative venue, but has been unable to do so.
This decision was not taken lightly. We considered our community’s concerns regarding Covid, travel and other circumstances, and were mindful of our responsibility for the health and safety of our Delegates, members and their families, our guests, hosts and their staff. The uncertainty posed by the ever-changing Covid environment causing re-evaluations at all levels of government and society, also influenced our assessment.
The guests, businesses and hosts we engaged for the weekend appreciate and support that this decision needed to be taken now, so that in fairness they could make other arrangements. Council will refund all monies paid for the Anniversary Dinner and advises those with accommodation bookings to cancel directly with the relevant motels, etc. should they not wish to proceed and have a holiday in the Hunter.
AGM In light of the situation your Committee has resolved that:
• The next General Meeting of the CHMC, being an Annual General Meeting, be held on 10th April 2021 at Temora;
• All Committee members terms of office be extended to 10th April 2021 or present expiry date, whichever is the later.

Information sessions and workshops. While we are currently restricted from holding our face-to-face Information Sessions, Council will be scheduling online events for club committees and interested members to chat, and these will focus on specific relevant topics. Details to follow on dates, topics and event registration.
Though our 50th Anniversary celebrations will not be as planned, we all know that Council has over a half-century admirably represented the interests of the historic car clubs of NSW. At your club please do take a moment to acknowledge and applaud the first 50 years of your Council’s many successes, wonderful rallies and its endeavours to promote the vehicles that were integral to Australian automotive and transport history.
Till we all meet again thank you for your patience and understanding as we change course to meet a situation that is beyond our control. We look forward to seeing many of you at Temora in 2021 for the CHMC AGM and Annual Rally!
The CHMC Committee, July 10th 2020

Rallies, car shows and touring might be cancelled BUT YOU CAN STILL TAKE A CAR MUSEUM TOUR OR GO TO A CAR SHOW – Virtually.

COVID has resulted an upsurge in virtual museum tours. Here’s a list to start your Virtual Car Museum Touring:

The pandemic lockdown has also seen a rise in Virtual Car Shows to replace live events. Some online shows are complete with judging and awards, others are simply an opportunity to upload a photo or video of your car and share it. Showing how a club can run a Virtual Car Show is the Valley Forge branch of the Cadillac & La Salle Club with their brilliant online car show, complete with judging and awards. A Virtual Car Show can be a unique opportunity to bring together vehicles that could never physically be rounded up in one place, the Allard Register gathered over 70 cars from around the world in their 2020 Allard Global Online Concours 

The Gilmore Museum Virtual Car Show   has been hugely popular, with simple online judging if you wish. Petersen Museum has an online Coffee’ n Cars, but you have to register for this and submit a short 20-30 second video of your vehicle to be involved.

Quirky is the Isolation Island Concours d'Elegance, which was/is for model cars Here’s your chance to dust off some of your car models and enter them in a fun competition.

BUSHFIRES 2019/2020 

On behalf of the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW we express our deep sympathy to all those affected by the bushfires, especially the families and friends of those who have lost their lives, and those who have lost homes, businesses and livestock, and we convey our thanks to those who strove to protect life and property.

A significant number of CHMC club members live, work or have family in the areas affected. For us, their relatives, friends or colleagues there is great relief that they safely escaped, but we also realise that for them the hurt and loss will run deep. We are aware of members of CHMC clubs who have suffered destruction or serious damage to their houses, sheds and properties, and have been advised that cherished heritage or historic vehicles have been destroyed.

CHMC clubs, already well known for their generosity and support of communities in need, are stepping up and will be doing what they are able to, as they have with drought relief, to assist those affected by the bushfires. Numerous displays and cruises are being organised specially for bushfire relief fundraising, and many pre-existing events will now be directing proceeds to bushfire appeals.

We encourage all historic and classic vehicle clubs to consider tailoring drives to include areas hit by the fires, as we did recently in asking clubs to go into drought affected towns and regions (see BT 77), to inject money into businesses and communities that need income. A cup of coffee, a snack and some petrol, a counter lunch and buying some souvenirs – multiply that by the number in your club’s driving group and it can help put dollars into a town hit hard by fire, and vital for many towns doubly hit by fire and drought.

The CHMC Committee can assist by:
• Publicising club fundraising events on its Facebook and website, send details to:
• Providing advice, support and networking for those with fire affected historic vehicles and antique machinery, e.g. where the RMS or insurers are involved. (Both NRMA and Shannon’s have advised verbally that they will support the claims process so it is dealt with in a timely manner and owners need not be concerned if their documentation has been destroyed)
• Providing what assistance it can to clubs in fire affected communities. Our clubs are very much part of their communities, returning them to strength particularly after a disaster is part of assisting those communities to get back to normal.

To our members who are volunteer firefighters please take care and stay safe, and those who are working in the relief centres, we thank you. The Committee of the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW Inc.

Image: Holden 48-215 sedan, one of a collection of six early-model Holden cars owned by Mr Chis Lee and stored in a purpose-built shed on his property at Koornalla. The shed was destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires on 7 February 2009. Photo: Benjamin Healley. Copyright Museums Victoria / CC BY

Council has prepared an information sheet for those whose historic vehicles or antique machinery have been impacted by fire. HISTORIC VEHICLES AND ANTIQUE MACHINERY DESTROYED OR DAMAGED BY FIRE is provided copyright-free to facilitate copying and distribution. Download a copy from our Publications page

FIVA Parts Catalogue

From FIVA -The FIVA “Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens” (FIVA)  with its 86 affiliated national federations in 66 countries worldwide, in collaboration with offers the FIVA Parts Catalogue. FIVA supports the worldwide availability of reliable data and the use of high-quality original spare parts for historic vehicles. 2 million vehicle owners associated with FIVA affiliates, and other owners, have direct access to the current Original Equipment Parts (OE), spare and specific used parts markets, as well as the registered reviewers and workshops. collates parts sources, providing an overview of the current status of parts availability from a single source. 

As a member of the community you get: A complete overview of available parts; Sources of supply with prices for OE and replacement market parts; Technical and price information from the manufacturer, unchanged; For the first time also information about substitutions; Which part is used to replace a component?; Which component has replaced a component?; Which vehicle type of this brand uses the same part?

Free Access to the FIVA Parts Catalogue till 31-1-2020

RMS LOG BOOK WORKSHOP - December 3rd 2019

As Council advised in the November 2019 “Dinkum Oil” the RMS intended to consult with stakeholders about further development of the Log Book.

Necessary reforms to the Log Book were highlighted by the historic and classic car sectors in the recent Log Book Review, and the RMS noted these, so with a workshop this week RMS has commenced the process for the re-design of the actual Log Book and discussions around improving the processes by which Log Books are issued and managed.

The RMS workshop involved a group representing the CHMC (aka the Bush Council), the ACMC (CMC, SMA, Hot Rods, etc.) and two major historic and classic motorcycle clubs. CHMC was represented by its President, Ray Ives, Committee member, Jenny Fawbert, and Club nominee, Michael Jones. That the RMS considers this initiative of importance was highlighted not only by this opportunity for useful discussions but also the presence of senior RMS staff from several departments – Compliance, Policy, Service NSW, Business Analysis, Technical, Resolution, Stakeholder Engagement and IT.

The day was spent working through what doesn’t work, what could work, and what may be possible in the future with digital technologies for our Log Books. However, it was made clear by all from the hobby sectors that the Log Book could not yet be a totally digitally based system, a hard copy option was necessary.

Clearly the format of the current Log Book, i.e. a piece of paper, was the reform most significant to us, the users at the workshop, and this it seems is a priority at RMS. Re-designing the format so that it both captures the required information about vehicle use for the RMS, Police and insurers, and provides users with conditions of use in a way that works best for both those in the hobby and the RMS was much discussed.

Following our workshop the RMS were going to conduct similar meetings with representatives from the Police, the insurers and Service NSW. A new format Log Book maybe won’t come straightaway but it is in the pipeline.

(November’s CHMC Dinkum Oil can be read at here )

Delegates at the CHMC General Meeting on October 26th unanimously supported Council Committee’s recommendation for a donation of $1,000 to the Country Women’s Association of NSW's Disaster Relief Fund. The CWA currently uses such donations for Drought Aid grants to help drought affected families meet household expenses. Much of that grant money then is spent in local communities and with local businesses.

With 99% of NSW in drought almost all CHMC Affiliated Clubs are in or adjoin areas of severe drought, so Delegates were acutely aware of the value of such support to farming and regional communities. Furthermore, discussions among Delegates post-Meeting indicated that some Affiliated Clubs will also add to the CHMC donation, where possible.

In commenting on the drought’s impact on regional communities CHMC President Ray Ives highlighted the importance of people spending in country towns, whether that be simply buying petrol or coffee, or staying overnight, it all helps non-farming small businesses in regional NSW. Webmaster Jenny Fawbert urged Delegates to encourage all clubs they are in contact with, whether CHMC not, such as the one-make clubs which are often city-based, to not be apprehensive about getting their historic vehicles out into the drought areas and putting some money into rural economies.

Clubs can arrange to supplement the CHMC’s donation to the CWA NSW by contacting the CHMC Treasurer Maxine Beale or by sending payment via:
EFT - Bank details: Name – CHMC NSW Inc : BSB – 082 711 : A/c No – 115118084. Please indicate donating Club’s Initials and CWA Drought in message; or
by Cheque - CHMC Secretary, P.O. Box 229 GOULBURN NSW 2580 (Please make cheques in favour of CHMC-NSW Inc. and indicate cheque is a donation to the CHMC CWA Drought Aid)

Further information:
• CWA NSW Drought Aid
• DROUGHT and Historic Vehicle Clubs BUSH TELEGRAPH No.77 SEPTEMBER 2019
• NSW Drought Indicator
• Why you should take your next holiday in a drought-affected town…/drought-hit-communities-p…/10127568


The meeting commenced with a presentation by RMS senior staff on the Log Book Review, HVS vehicle compliance, RMS website updates, including their new newsletter fort the historic and classic vehicle sectors. Council’s collaborative partnership with the RMS was highlighted with details that CHMC clubs had played a particularly strong role in the Log Book Review process with not only major representation in the online survey but also in the Focus group meetings. (Particularly significant when one considers the distances most of our club's representatives had to travel for those meetings) The HVS compliance information discussed by the RMS staff at the General Meeting will be made available to CHMC clubs as soon as it is cleared for publication by the RMS.

The Meeting then moved on to the Committee Reports, Rally Updates, including the AHMF 2020, and discussion about the CHMC's 50th Anniversary celebration weekend in October 2020. Delegates were also asked to have their clubs consider hosting Council's 2021 Annual Rally (CHMC's Annual Rally, aka The Bush Council Rally, will not be held in 2020 owing to the AHMF's Festival of Motoring in Albury).

Council's Club Governance and Information workshops for 2020 were announced, these will be held in various regions of the State and details will be advised to clubs in the new year as venues are finalised with the hosting clubs.

Delegates unanimously supported the Committee's recommendation that $1,000 be donated to the CWA NSW's Disaster Relief Fund for drought aid.

Minutes of the General Meeting will be been distributed to all CHMC Clubs shortly.

Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Books

RMS conducted a review of the Log Book Trial earlier this year in which CHMC, as the stakeholder representative for its Affiliated Clubs throughout NSW, played a significant role. The CHMC Committee provided the RMS and the Review contractor, KPMG, with data and guidance, and significantly our Affiliated Clubs were very well represented by their delegates at the Focus Groups which RMS and KPMG ran in July. CHMC clubs also participated in the related online survey.

It was clear from the Focus Groups and CHMC’s own polling of its clubs that there was strong support for the Log Books to be made permanent. There were however a number of critical operational and policy issues that respondents raised and these have been taken on board by RMS and Council has been by advised RMS that these will be addressed over the next 12 months, developing both integrity of and compliance to the Log Books, as well as improving customer experience.

For the present there are no changes to the operation of the Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Books.
Existing requirements continue to apply to participants including:
• Vehicles registered under the Historic and Classic Vehicle Schemes can be operated for 60 days of general road use each year, outside of organised club events.
• Each day of general road use must be recorded in a log book issued at Service NSW branches.
• Owners wishing to use a log book should be a member of a Transport for NSW recognised classic or historic vehicle club, or Approved Organisation participating in the log book condition.
For additional information see Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Book.
Affiliated Clubs will have the opportunity to further discuss the HCV Log Books and other HVS matters at the CHMC General Meeting on October 26th 2019 at Club Macquarie (All Club Secretaries have the General Meeting details)
Enquires can also be directed to the CHMC’s RMS Liaison Officer, Peter Wright, or 0417 250 798

HVS & CVS LOG BOOKS From 1 October 2019, the Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Books will be a permanent feature of the Historic and Classic Vehicle Schemes.

Minister’s Media Release 2/10/19 Historic and classic car enthusiasts will have more opportunities to hit the road outside club events thanks to the Liberal & Nationals Government making log books a permanent feature this week.Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said 50,000 cars had participated in the log book scheme during its trial period.“We know owners of these cars want to be able to take them out for a spin and share their love of these cars with others - that’s why we’ve made it easier for them to keep track of how often they drive them,” Mr Toole said.“Under this scheme, historic and classic car owners can drive their vehicles for up to 60 days each year outside of club organised events.”

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said Transport for NSW would deliver phased improvements to the log book scheme over the next 12 months.“We are looking at ways to ensure compliance of the conditional registration and to support motorists by ensuring they have a say in the log book format,” Mr Constance said.“Drivers will need to continue to record the vehicle’s use in the log book and be a member of a Transport for NSW recognised classic or historic vehicle club or approved organisation to use the log book.”

RMS NSW Historic and Classic Vehicle Newsletter 

August 23 2019 RMS NSW are launching a Historic and Classic Vehicle Newsletter web page in the first week of September 2019 - the subscribe link is now LIVE on the RMS website:

RMS encourages clubs, members, and the general public to subscribe now in order to receive this inaugural issue. Once published, each issue will be available in the “archive” on the same location on the RMS website.

August 16th 2019.  The LATEST ISSUE of CHMC's Bulletin -  DINKUM OIL - was distributed to all Affiliated clubs two weeks ago - your club Secretary should have it to hand. The July issue covered the recent RMS Log Book Review. If you missed it at your club you can read it here on our Publications page - Dinkum Oil


June 8th 2109 The Log Book Review Survey has finally been approved by the RMS for distribution to Historic Vehicle Clubs. The delay in its distribution has been with the RMS, we have been communicating with our clubs in good faith and ASAP with all the information RMS has provided us.

The survey link will be distributed via email to the address that the peak bodies have provided to the RMS next Tuesday 11th June. The RMS has indicated their intention to track these emails to identify how many recipients have opened and clicked through the survey link, as well as any emails that bounce. A letter will also be sent to all 1058 clubs  on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th June.
The RMS has advised that the Survey will now close on Friday 28th June.

RMS Log Book Trial Focus Group Sessions are still scheduled to go ahead on the third week of June, however, the external consultant to run these has still not commenced. Consequently session dates and times have not been able to be locked in. I will advise those from CHMC clubs who put their name forward for these sessions as soon as I receive updated details from the RMS

The CHMC Committee urges all our affiliated clubs to carefully consider the survey and to respond by the closing date. This, along with participation in the Focus Group Sessions is our opportunity to make our voice heard. Peter Wright, RMS Liaison for CHMC. Ph. 0417250798


June 4th 2019 - The RMS is undertaking a review of the Log Book Trial (the Trial was due to end in September 2019). Clubs and their members have two opportunities to provide the RMS with input and viewpoints on the Log Book system. Part of the Review will be discussions with Focus Groups in sessions to be held in Parramatta week commencing June 17th. For these sessions the RMS asked CHMC to nominate up to forty participants from its Affiliated clubs. The request for attendee names was sent to all CHMC clubs by email or post on May 23rd 2019 and very quickly our RMS Liaison Officer Peter Wright had a full list of names. Considering the journey from across the State that most from our clubs will have to make to attend the Focus Groups this was a very pleasing result, specially as the RMS gave us only a short time to advise clubs.

A second element to the Review will be an online Survey that will be emailed direct to clubs by the RMS. We were told by the RMS at an Historic and Classic Car Industry Working Group on Wednesday May 29th that this would be sent to all clubs on the HVS Approved List etc. on June 3rd – so watch your club emails carefully and respond ASAP as the Survey is to be completed by Friday 21st June. 

The survey is for clubs to respond to, not individual members. Details of the Survey were sent to all CHMC Affiliated Clubs in the “Dinkum Oil” on Friday May 31st – your Club Secretary should have this to hand.

June 5 2019                                                             RMS HISTORIC VEHICLE CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION FORMS CAN NOW BE COMPLETED DIGITALLY
An outcome of the Historic and Classic Car Industry Working Group* meeting with the RMS on May 29 2019 has been an upgrade to the online Historic Vehicle Declaration Form No. 1259.
The RMS agreed to format the online Form so that it can be completed digitally for renewals and new registrations. The Form can be downloaded from the RMS website and now filled in with Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader.
• These forms cannot be saved once edited. They are designed to be completed digitally, printed, and then signed by the registrant.
• Once signed, the form can be submitted through one of the options listed on the fact sheets to establish a new conditional registration and renew a conditional registration.
The form must be submitted as an original. Photocopies will not be accepted by the RMS.

The forms relevant to HVS or CVS are:
Historic Vehicle Declaration (1259)
Application for Conditional Registration (1246)
Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration (1245)
• Classic Vehicle Declaration (1835)

*CHMC is a member of the RMS's Historic and Classic Car Industry Working Group.

June 5th 2019                                                     LATEST EDITION OF CHMC's Newsletter BUSH TELEGRAPH - Issue 76 JUNE 2019 is available online.                                                                                                                                                                Contents:• GRIFFITH – CHMC ANNUAL RALLY 2019 • GOING ELECTRIC, CON-FUSED • CHARABANC – early motoring for the many


CHMC publishes the notes from our December 2018 meeting with the agreement of the RMS Directorate. 

CHMC hopes that, by our example, all other NSW historic and classic motoring groups will be encouraged to be similarly transparent and forthrighin making available publicly their discussions with RMS for the benefit of all enthusiasts in NSWOnline access to meeting notes between the government and historic car clubs  representatives in Queensland have proven to be very beneficial to all clubs and members there, assisting in the distribution of authentic and appropriate information. 

CHMC RMS Meeting Minutes Dec 18 2018.pdf CHMC RMS Meeting Minutes Dec 18 2018.pdf
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Youth, women encouraged to join collector car movement 

The Federation of Historic Vehicles of India in association with FIVA recently held a symposium to talk about the increasing involvement of youth and women in the preservation, protection and promotion of Historic Vehicles in India. RIVA President Patrtick Rollett said - We can learn a great deal from what’s happening in India right now, when it comes to attracting young people into the historic vehicle’s truly heartening to see the groundswell of enthusiasm for historic vehicles among younger Indians – at a time when European enthusiasts are worried that classics will increasingly be seen as something for the older generation."

What key factors were identified as encouraging interest among the young?

  • Informal groups on social media, who meet at the weekend for casual drives - young enthusiast Souvik Ghose Chaudhuri explained - ‘To ‘catch them young’, it’s important to create communities around historic vehicles – non-competitive, fun social events to attract newcomers, such as movie screenings and garage days, plus extensive use of social media and workshops. 
  • Focusing on women  as female race and rally driver Farah Vakil, explained - “Women are starting to take the lead in demystifying the classic automobile, seen by many as an untouchable realm of the wealthy and privileged man,” Vakil said. “Up till now, Indian women’s role in historic vehicle circles has been as the wives and daughters of collectors but that’s changing. Women in India today are financially and socially empowered, and we don’t need to have classics passed onto us as family heirlooms, as we can acquire them independently – sourcing them abroad, if necessary, and importing them."

Young businesswoman Shana Parmeshwar, who races a Porsche GT3, owns an Austin Seven and a ’65 Chevrolet Impala estate, and drives veteran cars spoke about her hobby. She uses the tag line ‘Be Cool, Be Classic’ to describe the surge of historic vehicle interest among the younger generation. 


CHMC NSW is a long-time and active member of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation, the national peak body for all historic motoring in Australia. To better communicate the important activities and actions of the AHMF to our NSW membership CHMC has added the webpage AHMF UPDATE to its site to provide the most recent information from the AHMF.



For the 2019 conference, AHA welcomes both formal academic papers and less formal presentations, in any format which reflect generally on motoring and automotive culture. They particularly seek contributions that derive from the experience of owning, racing, designing, restoring or building an automobile (or motorcycle), experiences that often rely on tacit knowledge accrued over a long period of time which remains hidden and is never recorded.

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Have you looked at CHMC's Facebook Posts and Photos? Thousands of enthusiasts in Australia and overseas regularly do, checking in on the updates and submitting material. Our Facebook Administrator reports that some Posts have over a 2,000 visits within a few hours of uploading.

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$200,000 to preserve revolutionary race car
"The race car was built in 1929 by Melbourne brothers, Alan Hawker ‘Bob’ Chamberlain and Howard Francis ‘Bill’ Chamberlain. Both engineers, the brothers included a revolutionary engine in the race car which competed in multiple Grands Prix and hill climb events.

The Chamberlain 8 is believed to be the only racing car completely designed and built in Australia without the use of components from other makes. Some unique qualities of the vehicle include the four-wheel independent suspension and 8000 rpm engine. It is one of Australia’s most technically advanced and visually appealing race cars of the era. The Chamberlain brothers were among a group of prominent engineers who significantly contributed to Australia’s technological and motoring history.

The National Cultural Heritage Account provides support for collecting institutions like the National Motor Museum to acquire important pieces of Australian history to ensure they are kept in the country and enjoyed by the public." .

Media Release from the Commonwealth Department of Communications and the Arts 2018.


CHMC publishes here the notes from our February 2018  meeting with the agreement of the RMS Directorate. CHMC hopes that by our example all other NSW historic and classic motoring groups will be encouraged to be similarly transparent and forthright in making available publicly their discussions  with RMS for the benefit of all enthusiasts in NSW. Online access to meeting notes between the government and stakeholder representatives in Queensland have proven to be very beneficial to all clubs and members there, assisting in the distribution of authentic and appropriate information. 

CHMC RMS Meeting Notes Feb 23 2018.pdf CHMC RMS Meeting Notes Feb 23 2018.pdf
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May 17 2018  “You can’t get full registration for a vehicle over 100 years old!”
Let’s get it straight here and now, and this is a direct quote from the RMS Director of Compliance and Regulatory Services - “The RMS system will allow the registration of vehicles where the compliance date is 1900 or later. There has been no change to the system that would prevent the full registration of a vehicle that is more than 100 years old (i.e. has a compliance/manufacture date of 1917 or 1916).” (Email to Ray Ives, President of the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs, 26 April 2018).
Apparently, a rumour that “You can’t get full registration for a vehicle over 100 years old” has been rolling around in some veteran and vintage circles for the last few months but when concerned delegates at the April Council of Heritage Motor Club’s AGM formally asked Council to investigate the matter was quickly attended to with President Ray Ives raising it directly with the RMS Director.
So, if there’s no problem at the RMS what is the real story behind this rumour?
Council made further enquiries and found that for vehicles 100 years or older on full registration Shannons Insurance couldn’t process a CTP renewal. To renew the age of a vehicle had to edited on the CTP application by the Shannons operator and then a renewal was issued, although the vehicle is then noted on its CTP as being younger than it is!
Some CHMC Committee members then tested this for themselves in the last few weeks and found that Shannons was indeed unable to accept vehicles over 100 years old for CTP.
NRMA Veteran & Vintage Insurance was also contacted and their Green Slip section said they are unaware of any such issue obstructing their 100 year or older CTP renewals.
The CHMC President then took the matter up with the National CTP executive at Suncorp, as Suncorp operates the software that Shannons and Suncorp’s other insurance agencies - GIO, AAMI and APIA use. The executive indicated that Suncorp will update their systems to allow green slip processing for any aged vehicle, but this may take a little time. Meanwhile Suncorp suggest that until this happens for vehicles over 100 years old the declared build date of the vehicle be indicated as less than 100 years. (Not ideal from Council’s perspective but works for Suncorp while they correct the system).
It has also been suggested that this issue at Shannons, GIO, APIA and AAMI will need correcting before we roll over into the vintage years at the end of 1919 as there are more heritage vehicles on full registration in the post-1919 era.
At this stage CHMC Committee has taken the matter as far as we can with the relevant agencies, though contact with Suncorp will be maintained to encourage them to expedite a solution.
So, when someone says to you that the RMS has stopped registering cars over 100 years old, tell them “that just isn’t so”.


Hosted by the Namoi Valley Antique Vehicle Club members over 90 vintage through to 1980s vehicles were displayed in Narrabri and Wee Waa and toured the sights of the Namoi region including spectacular Mt Kapatur, Santos gas fields, cotton faarms and the delightfully quirky Narrabri Fish Farm. The host Club's members treated entrants to good old-style country hospitality, lots of smiles and laughter, and of course great food. With plenty of good touring roads around Narrabri our heritage and historic vehicles were given ample opportunities to get out and about, and when on public display the local communities were very keen to see the vehicles and chat with their owners. Lots of 2018 Rally photos on the CHMC Facebook page and our website Gallery


The Federation of Australian Historical Societies has launched the Succession Planning Guide and Workbook for Historical Societies and Community Heritage Groups designed to assist groups to survive and thrive into the future. 

The Succession Planning Guide offers solutions to succession challenges. The step by step process helps you evaluate your situation, whether you are facing the challenge of diminishing membership, considering who will be the next President or how you can find that special person to take photographs.

This invaluable resource helps to identify and nurture the best people to achieve society goals over the next two, five or ten years. It helps safeguard the critical work of members and volunteers so that it continues well beyond their involvement with the society.

The Guide and Workbook are available for free on the FAHS website

The workbook can be accessed as a full document or in sections. And the document is Creative Commons licensed so it can be copied and distributed for non-commercial use as long as you attribute the author Dr Bernadette Flynn, Produced by The Federation of Australian Historical, 2017.

Authorised Inspection Scheme Notice 36 Registering vehicles certified under the Engineering Certification Scheme

Effective February 6 2018  the RMS advised Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) proprietors  and examiners of changes to the registration of modified or Individually Constructed Vehicles (ICVs) certified under the Engineering Certification Scheme (ECS). Notice 36 replaces Notice 35 (see below January 21 2018)

Significantly, owners of Historic and Heritage vehicles should note from the FAQs to Notice 36 - Q."Do all modified vehicles require certification? A. Only vehicles with significant modifications require certification. A list of significant modifications is included
in Vehicle Standards Information Sheet 06"

Further details: Notice 36, 6 Feb 2018
And its related


Taree Historic Motor Club members restore, rally and display veteran, vintage and classic motor vehicles - their new website's Photo Gallery includes a great range of their vehicles.

For other CHMC Clubs' websites and Facebook pages see the CHMC CLUBS page for listing under Clubs Contact Details.


Following discussions with the CHMC over concerns that historic vehicles that had been converted to RHD may have to be transferred from the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) to the new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) the Roads and Maritime Service has amended the Historic Vehicle Scheme policy to allow vehicles with a left-hand (LHD) to right-hand drive (RHD) conversion to be registered in the Scheme. An RMS factsheet explains the policy change (download below) and the RMS webpage for Historic Vehicles has been updated to reflect the policy change.

"Vehicles with a left-hand drive to right-hand drive conversion which are currently registered in the Historic Vehicle Scheme may remain in the scheme." Applications for new HVS registrations should  "produce certification documentation to support the Historic Vehicle Declaration for a vehicle with a left-hand drive to right-hand drive conversion."   RMS18.706                          

RMS Factsheet - LHD to RHD HVS 9 Feb 2018.pdf RMS Factsheet - LHD to RHD HVS 9 Feb 2018.pdf
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Council has received further information from the RMS concerning Notice 25. An advisory regarding Notice 35 was placed in our News section, ref. January 14,  below. RMS has responded to the concerns raised regarding Notice 35 as by retracting Notice 35 and undertaking further discussions, see statement from RMS -

"In December 2017, RMS issued AIS Notice 35 and FAQs. These notices advised we couldn’t accept certificates issued under Engineering Certifications Scheme (ECS) when establishing registration for modified or individually constructed vehicles. In response to feedback from our customers about some of the unintended impacts of this change, RMS is working closely with clubs, motoring enthusiasts and other stakeholders to review this policy. Subsequently AIS Notice 35 and the FAQs have been withdrawn. Owners of vehicles certified under ECS, which are not currently registered, should not take any action to re-certify their vehicles until the review is complete and owners of currently registered modified vehicles should note there are no changed to their ability to renew their vehicle’s registration or to their vehicles registration status. We apologise for any inconvenience and expect to be able to provide customers with greater clarity and certainty on the issue shortly." Roads and Maritime Services, AIS Online, Friday 19 January 2018.

CHMC is in direct consultation with senior RMS staff to resolve the issues raised.

January 14 2018    FYI – Attention Club Secretaries and Registrars


A few days before Christmas the RMS distributed to all Authorised Inspection Stations AIS Notice 35, which stated that under the new Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017, Roads and Maritime and Service NSW may no longer accept certificates issued under the former Engineering Certification Scheme (ECS) when establishing registration for a modified or individually constructed vehicle.

This resulted in an outbreak of concerned enquiries to the RMS, Service NSW, vehicle clubs and Council. CHMC, as did other peak groups in NSW quickly sought clarification from the RMS as the change could impact proposed CVS registrations from our Affiliated Clubs. CHMC received a prompt response from senior RMS personnel and we remain in consultation with them to resolve the ongoing implications of Notice 35.


There have been some comments made in various forums alongside the Notice 35 discussions regarding LHD/RHD conversions – at this time RMS is in consultation with the peak bodies like CHMC over this matter. CHMC will, as usual, advise Clubs and Registrars as soon as we are authorised to do so by RMS of any outcomes that require their attention with regard to either Notice 35 or LHD/RHD conversions.


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